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As a Parent or Guardian the moment your child leaves for University can be a challenging time. Aspen Estate Agents recognises that parents play a vital supporting role at this changing time in a student's life. To help, we are on hand to provide any information you may need.

We are specialists in providing the best quality service to students, as well as professionals. We understand that in addition to simply finding a property, tenants look for a transparent relationship with their managing agency. That's why we have tried to structure a service which goes beyond simply signing students up to a property.

We are aware that some parents will only know about their involvement when a student puts a holding deposit down on a property and requires a parent or guardian to act as a guarantor.

We have tried to put together a guide for students and the process of renting a property through us, which we feel is also of benefit to parents to read through. This guide can be found under the student section.

For any further information please contact:

Christina - Property Manager
Tel: 01784 433696